Scheduling and Pricing Residential Window Cleaning Jobs

Being a window cleaning business owner comes with a great deal of responsibility and expense such as insurance and if you have workers, of course there is workman’s compensation insurance, the cost of tools and your marketing. We could go on and on about work trucks, more insurance etc. Let’s talk about getting work, pricing, and scheduling residential window cleaning jobs.

I also don’t know where you live or what the cost of living is where you live, so pricing might be a little different for you, if you are on the East coast compared to here on the West coast. I first establish a price to charge for standard windows inside and out. A standard window is any window which is not a small french pane or usually a big wall of glass. I am using french panes as an example. This means the window can have lots of little panes and you would charge differently than for a standard or a wall to wall window which would be priced accordingly. For example, standard windows might be 8 to 10 dollars a window and a small french pane could start at 75 to 95 cents. This pricing includes tracks and screens which can also change the pricing a dollar or so. Now we are not saying this pricing is set in stone. I am giving you this example of pricing because it has worked for me. I have had success. Also this method is used for residential window cleaning. Commercial window cleaning is very different. The pricing is lower. Don’t confuse the two; we are discussing residential window cleaning in this article.

What I have found that has worked for my small window cleaning business is that we sell quality work and try to get into detailing. I think most of all we stay away from the zip zap on to the next job type of work. I guess you can say I have learned to stay far away from desperation and really focus on quality work ethics. We also realize that sometimes people can be naturally impatient and I don’t let this rush us from doing are job right.

I have also found that you don’t need to drive through traffic to give a free estimate. Once you get to know the type and style of the home and the count of windows, which you can usually get by talking to your client, you will be able to reduce your time and effort. Find out how many windows they have by asking questions about the home and you can give them a free estimate right over the phone. If your client has a very large house, lets say 4500 0r 7500 square feet or more, you can tell them the average price per window. You can also tell them you will come out to their house and count their windows and as long as they schedule an appointment, there will be no charge for the service call. Remember you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by using this technique. Some of the other good questions to ask are: What is their target time for the work? By asking that question you can find out if they want the work done right away and if they are interested or if they might just want to get pricing. Don’t make this any harder than it is. Your customers are either interested or not. This example is made for if you’re receiving a lot of calls for window cleaning. If you’re just starting a new window cleaning business, you might have to approach your clients if you are not receiving phone calls.

The rest is pretty easy. If they are interested, have them sign an invoice and schedule a date. What I mean when I refer to scheduling is the process of getting the potential client to commit to a date and reserving that date for the work on your calender or your schedule. You must get a signature. We refer to this as making a reservation. If by chance they don’t keep the reservation, there is a reservation fee for reserving this date. I hope this will help some small window cleaning business owners get some good ideas.


Advantage Management has been working with Shine On for many years. We have used many different companies over the years and have found that Shine On has been extremely responsive to the needs of our clients. I would proudly recommend them to any of our clients.
Neil - Advantage Management
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Optima Views Condominium Association was very pleased with the excellent quality of window washing services provided by Shine On Group. This is a 27-story condo building with windows at all four elevations, all of which were washed with careful attention to detail. I would highly recommend Shine On Group for window washing services.
Rita R. Jelionis, CMCA – Optima Views Condominium Association
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