1910.29(f) – this section establishes the criteria/practices for handrail and stair rail systems, addressing height, finger clearances, surfaces, stair rail opening, handholds, projection hazards, and strength.

  1. Handrails must be not less than 30-inches, and not more than 38-inches high, if there are 4 or more risers.
  2. Requires there is a finger clearance of at least 2.25-inches between handrails and any other object (such as a wall).
  3. Stair rail systems must be at least 30-inches high, if installed before January 17, 2017, or no less than 42-inches high if installed after that date.
  4. No opening in a stair rail system can exceed 19-inches in its least dimension.
  5. Employers must ensure that handrails and top rails of stair rail systems, are capable of withstanding without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds applied in any downward or outward direction, within 2-inches of any point along the top edge of the rail.

Provided by Ken Kempa