1910.29(d) – this section establishes the criteria and practices for “Designated Areas,” which in the final rule in 1910.21(b), defines as “a distinct portion of a walking-working surface delineated by a warning line, in which employees may perform work without additional fall protection.”

A DESIGNATED AREA WARNING LINE- must meet all these requirements:

  1. Is a rope, tape, wire, or chain, warning employees they’re approaching an unprotected edge or side.
  2. Has a minimum breaking strength of 200 lbs.
  3. Is clearly visible from a distance of 25-feet, and anywhere within the designated area.
  4. Needs to be erected as close to the work area as possible, while still allowing the task to be performed.
  5. Be installed so that its lowest point, including sag, is not less than 34-inches and not more than 39-inches above the walking-working surface.
  6. Be supported so that pulling on one section of the line between supports, will not result in slack being taken up from other sections, resulting in the first section line pushing/falling to below 34-inches.

Provided by Ken Kempa