FIXED LADDERS (that extend more than 24 feet above a lower level):

1910.28(b)(9) – requires employers to provide fall protection to fixed ladders more than 24-feet above a lower level.  This also applies to existing ladder systems, if sections are repaired or replaced.

  1. For new ladders greater than 24-feet, effective November 19, 2018, they require a personal fall arrest system, or a ladder safety system- such as a parallel cable/rail running alongside, with provisions for tie-off and arrest in the event of a slip or fall.  
  2. And by November 19, 2018, for existing ladders greater than 24-feet, employers must install a cage, well, ladder safety system, or personal fall arrest system, on fixed ladders that did not have any fall protection.  
  3. Finally, existing ladders extending more than 24-feet must have either a ladder safety system or personal fall arrest system by 2036.  

In a new provision, OSHA added a rule that allows employers to use cages and wells in combination with personal fall arrest or ladder safety systems, provided there is no interference.

Provided by Ken Kempa