Window Cleaning For Dummies

Window cleaning may sound simple enough, but the name can be misleading. It’s an intricate technique that yields poor results if you don’t approach it correctly.

Luckily, there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help save you time when you’re cleaning windows. We’ve compiled a brief window cleaning for dummies guide to help you get this job done right.

Be Aware of the Weather

There are a few reasons you shouldn’t clean windows on any day, regardless of the weather. If it’s bright outside and the sun is shining right above your window, you may struggle to see streaks, and your water-based cleaning solution may evaporate quicker than you can clean.

However, clouds will ensure that the sun won’t block your visibility. Also, be careful about washing windows on cold winter days, as cold weather can make the glass break easily.

Keep it Simple

Whether you’re on the job or just working at home, there’s no need to go out of your way to purchase more equipment than you need.

If you just need basic window cleaning for dummies, follow this simple checklist:

  • Two good washcloths
  • 10–12-inch squeegee
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Sponge

All of these can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Safety First

Your safety comes first when window cleaning. If you’re using a ladder, you’ll definitely want to wear an apron so there’s no danger of dropping tools and hurting someone or falling off the ladder because your hands aren’t free.

However, if you’re not confident in your abilities, call a professional company. Their trained contractors will take care of your window cleaning safely and efficiently.

Hire a Professional for the Task!

With this guide to window cleaning, you’ll be ready to work in no time. Remember always to check the weather and the ladder underneath you, wear an apron, limit your gear to the essentials, and avoid extreme weather. You’ll be more likely to have a job well done with no streaks.

Chicago High-Rise Window Cleaning

Are your high-rise windows looking a little worse for wear? Have they lost their shine over time? Is the built-up grime and residue making it hard to take in the downtown Chicago views? If so, it sounds like it’s time to schedule a high-rise window cleaning service.

Stop Neglecting Your Windows

Keeping your glass panes clean isn’t just a matter of superficial aesthetics or personal preference. Regular cleanings are essential to the integrity of the structure itself.

If you neglect the built-up dirt and particles on your glass for too long, they can lead to physical damage. The left-behind cracks and scratches can get progressively worse as time goes on. Furthermore, a build-up of harmful substances like acid rain can cause significant corrosion damage to the building itself and pose a personal safety risk.

For this reason, you must get your building’s glass panes professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Safe, Reliable, and Professional Window Cleaning Service

High-rise window cleaning can be a dangerous job if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we only hire the most qualified and experienced technicians to perform these risky tasks. All of our technicians are experts in Industrial Rope Access, anchor systems, and OSHA regulations — and they have the SPRAT certifications to prove it. There’s no more reliable team out there to keep your high-rise glass panes looking fresh and new securely and efficiently.

Restore Your Windows’ Shine Today!

If you’re tired of trying to admire the views from your high-rise out of grimy, smudgy glass, there’s never been a better time to schedule a high-rise window cleaning service. It’s safe, easy, and efficient, and it will have your glass panes looking good as new. If you’re ready to claim the sparkling glass panes you deserve, get in touch with your high-rise window cleaning specialists today.

Best Window Cleaning Services

As a business, you want your windows to be clean — so clean that birds are at risk of injury.

Crystal clear glass will keep your premises looking spiffy. And, they’ll impress not only your customers but also employees, suppliers, and stakeholders.

So, how do you find the best window cleaning service? Read this guide to learn what you should look for in a provider.


One of the first factors you should look for is experience:

  • How long has the window cleaning service been in the industry?
  • Does it have experience working with commercial properties?
  • Can it handle your unique needs (high-rise buildings, regular maintenance packages, etc.)?

In addition to researching the company’s website, check online reviews. See what real clients are saying about the provider’s professionalism, prices, and results.


Safety is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind. If the company doesn’t prioritize your safety (and the safety of its workers), you should stay far away.

You can verify the company’s commitment to safety in many ways:

  • To start, check to see if the provider has an IWCA certification or something equivalent.
  • You may also want to check for employee licenses, insurance, etc.
  • Read online reviews from the Better Business Bureau


A good window cleaning service will listen to your needs and offer the best course of action. It should also be willing to work with your budget to provide you with high-quality, affordable solutions. Don’t settle for a company that refuses to meet you in the middle as others will.

Free Quotes

Last but not least, see if your provider of choice will give you a free quote. These no-strings-attached estimates help you feel confident about your pick. Plus, they let you compare prices against different providers, allowing you to score the best deal.

Hire the Best Window Cleaning Service Today

The best window cleaning service will do more than wipe down the glass. It should put safety above all else, followed by a commitment to customer satisfaction. Ensure the provider you choose is experienced and willing to meet you halfway.

As long as you follow our tips, you’ll find the right service for your company in no time.

Chicago Residential Window Cleaning

If you are looking for the best of the best residential window cleaning services in Chicago, look no further – you have come to the right place – we got you covered!

Chicago Residential Window Cleaning

Windows are among the very first things that neighbors and people passing by your home see. Unfortunately, some people tend to overlook the importance of having clean windows.

There are many perks associated with having spotlessly clean windows, from the overall appearance of the home to improved comfort.
However, the first, and most obvious one, is very clear.

Increases The Curb Appeal Of Your House

Windows should be cleaned at least two to three times annually to keep a clean appearance. Clean windows make both the exterior and interior of your place more appealing. Not to mention they make your property inviting, helping to create a positive first impression to your guests.

The Glass Structure Requires Greater Care

Glass is porous, and windows overtime collects dirt, grime, and dust if they are not regularly cleaned. This not only makes your entire home look dull, but it also accelerates the allergen growth that can cause some of the allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and skin problems.

Get A Better View

Regular residential window cleaning will improve the glass clarity, let more natural light into your rooms, and make your home look tidy.

Keep Your Windows In Shape For Longer

Professional and regular window cleaning keeps environment contaminants like oxidation, hard water, and acid rain – which can wreak havoc on your windows -off of your window panes so they can function as they were designed and serve you for longer.

Enhances your energy efficiency

It may come as a big surprise to you, but dirty windows can greatly affect the energy efficiency of your home. Clean windows perform better by keeping warm air out during the summer months and cold air out during the winter months.

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Rescue and Emergency Services Safe Practices For Rope Access Work

Rescue and Emergency Services Safe Practices For Rope Access Work

Rescue and Emergency Services

  • The employer shall have a rescue plan for every rope access work site or project. The plan shall provide for the prompt rescue and safe extrication of a sick, injured, or entangled rope access technician. The plan shall include the following provisions:
    • The plan shall ensure that all persons conducting rope access work have been trained and are competent to perform self-rescue.
    • The plan shall ensure that sufficient rope access technicians trained and competent in partner rescue are present and available to perform a rescue in a manner appropriate for the mechanism of injury or the patient’s medical condition.
    • The plan shall ensure that the Rope Access Supervisor is capable of managing a rescue incident and where appropriate, performing a rescue.
    • The plan shall include the information required to respond to the appropriate emergency services.